Tree & Shrub List F

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Tree & Shrub List F


Beech- Moist, well-drained, acid soil. Will not survive in poorly drained soil.

new orientalis ‘Iskander’- Rare! Very slim growth habit. Fresh green leaves. 50×10′. 1g 2-3′ $69.99

sylvatica (European)~’Ansorgei’- Narrow dark brownish-red leaves. Slow growing, loose and delicate looking. 10’x6′ in 10 years. 5-6′ $160

new ~’Black Swan’- Super dark purple foliage. Upright and weeping at the same time. 8-10×3-4′ in 10 years, potentially 45×10′. 1g 4′ $34.99

~’Dawyckii Purple’- Deep purple spring foliage ages to purple-green. 50×10′. 6′ $75, 1″ $150

~’Purple Fountain’- 6′ $120

‘Rosea-marginata’- Tricolor Beech- Purple leaves with irregular light pink border. 40×20-30′. Slow growing.   8-10′ $210, 6-8′ $159.99

Fargesia – find in the perennial list under Grasses.


-The herald of spring, bright yellow flowers. Please don’t prune into “meatballs”. Sun -part shade. Deer resistant.

‘Golden Peep’- Gold. Compact to 2×2′.  15-18″ $24.99

‘Lynwood Gold’- Yellow. Upright, 8×6′.   18-24″ B&B- $29.99


gardenii White flower puffs in April-May. Beautiful foliage turns yellow-red-orange in autumn. 3×3′. Sun (with good soil) or part shade. 3×3′  3 g $34.99

major ‘Blue Shadow’- Lovely powder blue foliage all season turns red in autumn. 1g $19.99, 3g $59.99


altamaha – A native tree with a past and quite rare. Discovered in Georgia in 1770; has not been seen in the wild since 1790. It’s a finicky fellow, sometimes starting out fussy and slow, but regardless is quite beautiful. It takes on the habit of a small tree or shrub depending on what it feels like doing. Really. Amend your soil with ample amounts of organic matter to help acidify the location and make certain it’s in a well drained place. Full sun or light shade is acceptable. 3″ white flowers have 5 petals and striking yellow centers.  Leaves change from a dark green to red-orange, sometimes even purple. 10-20’x6-15′. 1 gal $19.99