Tree & Shrub List G

Tree & Shrub List G


procumbens– Evergreen ground cover. Shiny green leaves, white flowers, red berries. Part-full shade. Must have moist (not wet) soil. High organic soils. NATIVE. 3-6″ tall, spreads if happy. I killed 3 before I found the right spot….

Gelsemium sempervirens ‘Margarita’- Vine with a 10-20′ climb capacity. Yellow tubular flowers April-May. Evergreen foliage. Sun or part shade. Soil adaptable. NATIVE. (all parts poisonous if eaten.)   2 gal $29.99


biloba– Beautiful fan shaped leaves. Soil adaptable, makes a great street tree. Rich gold autumn color. Prehistoric. All our varieties are males. Why? Certainly not because we are discriminators! The females drop the most putrid smelling fruit you can imagine…. (often described as “vomitous”)

new~’Beijing Gold’- Spring leaves emerge gold, aging to green with white stripes then back to autumn gold. Slow growth to 12×12′.  1 g $34.99

new~’Chase Manhattan’- Cupped dark green leaves. 3×3′. 2g $75

new ~’Chichi’- Branches in old age develop downward hanging growths resembling breasts. 5×5′ at 10 years. 2g $49.99

~’Elmwood Fastigiate’ columnar tree with multiple leaders.  Deeply furrowed, tan-gray bark.  Knobby branches.  Fan-shaped leaves turn golden in autumn. 25-35’x8-12′  2g $55

~’Jade Butterflies’- Dwarf, leaves grow in clusters. Dark green foliage. Slowly grows to 12′ x 10′. 1g $32.99

~‘Mighty Munchkin’- An upright shrub/miniature tree. Leaves about 1/2 the normal size. Turns a golden yellow colour in autumn. 5’x3′ in 10 years. Full sun is a must! 2 gal $79.99

~ ‘Presidential Gold’- Strong central leader with full branching develops into a broadly pyramidal to oval shape.  All-male cultivar. 50’x40′  2″ cal $295

~ ‘Princeton Sentry’- All-male cultivar with a conical, upright habit.  Leaves turn golden yellow in fall, staying on the tree for up to two weeks.  50′ high at maturity.  1″ cal $210