Tree & Shrub List H

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Tree & Shrub List H


tetraptera ‘Rosea’- Carolina Silverbell- Dark yellow-green foliage. Soft pink bell-shaped flowers in April-May, before the leaves. Star-shaped autumn fruit, yellow autumn color. Sun- part shade. Organic rich, well-drained, acid soil. 20×20′. NATIVE. 1″cal $89.99

new ~’Silver Splash’- Rare. Dark green foliage heavily splashed with yellow. White bells in April-May before the leaves. Part shade. 20×20′ 5-6′ $160


x intermedia- Witchhazel- Upright spreading large shrub/small tree. Fragrant flowers Feb- March. Textured leaves have excellent red/yellow/orange autumn color. Sun-part shade. Organic rich, well-drained, acid soils. 15-20′ tall and wide.

~ ‘Arnold’s Promise’- Clear yellow flowers held in a red cup (calyx). Fragrant. 20×20′. 3′ standard (tree form) 2g $39.99

~ ‘Diane’- Copper-red, light fragrance. 20×20′. 2 g $39.99

~’Jelena’ (‘Copper Beauty’) – Copper flowers. Rich orange-red autumn color. 8-12′ high and wide.  2 g $39.99

~’Primavera’- Primrose-yellow flowers. Lots of flowers! Yellow autumn color. 12-15′ high and wide.  2 g $39.99

new ~’Ruby Glow’- Orange red flowers, more upright growth to 12′. (aka ‘Adonis’ and ‘Rubra Superba’) 3′ $120


syriacus– Rose of Sharon- Today’s varieties are sterile flowers don’t seed all over the garden, so a good choice now for a flowering hedge.

First Editions series: Bloom July-September. 8×6′.

~’Bali’- White with red eye.  3g $39.99

~’Fiji’- Light pink with dark pink accents, red center. 3g $39.99

~Hawaii’-  Blue with red-purple heart.  3g $39.99

~’Tahiti’- Deep pink-purple with red heart.  3g $39.99


Organic rich, well-drained soil in part shade. Pruning at the wrong time can result in no flowers. Many are pH sensitive and color will be manipulated by the acidity of your soil. ACID=Blue/purple ALKALINE=Pink/red White blooming ones always remain white.

anomala petiolaris– Climbing Hydrangea- Very stout vine which climbs by attaching roots to support. White flowers in May-June. Brown peeling bark. Sun or shade. Can get very large-to 60′! (*see also Schizophragma- Japanese Hydrangea Vine. Similar, but finer in texture.)3 gal $32.99

arborescens ‘Annabelle’- Extremely large (1′ across) white flower heads. Cut to ground in late winter. 5×5′. NATIVE. 3 gal $19.99 5 gal $49.99

~’Incrediball’ An improved version of “Annabelle’, with larger flowers and thicker upright stems so the flowers don’t flop over!  5′ high and wide. 3g $34.99

macrophylla– pruning- prune early spring only removing last years flower heads to uppermost buds. They wake up late- be patient! All are pH sensitive.

Most in this section are 3 gal $34.99-49.99

~‘Ayesha’ (aka ‘Silver Slipper’) Mophead. 6×6′.

~’Blaumeise’ (Blue Titmouse)-Lacecap. Dark Blue flowers. 6×6′.

new ~’Cherry Explosion’- Bright cherry pink lacecap. 4×4′.

CITY LINE series:

~’Berlin’ – Mophead. Large, rich pink flowers accented with green as the flowers emerge.  2-3’x 3-4′.

~’Mars’- Magenta pink or Indigo blue. 3×3′.

~ ‘Paris’- Red mophead. 3×3’.

~ ‘Rio’- Mophead. 6″deep blue-purple or pink flowers.  2-3′ x 2-3′.

~ ‘Venice’- Mophead. Fuchsia pink mophead. 3×3’.


~’Edgy Hearts’-pinkish-red edged white sepals. 3×3′. 3 g $39.99

Endless Summer series:

~‘Endless Summer’- Mophead. Blooms on old and new wood. 4×4′.5 gal $49.99

~ ‘Bloomstruck’ – Mophead. pH controls color. 4×4′. 3g $39.99

new ~’Twist & Shout’- Reblooming lacecap. 5×5′. 


new~’Amethyst’-Begins solid green then morphs through fuchsia or violet and back to green. Mophead. 4×4′.

new~’Jade’- Soft green and cream mophead blooms. 3×3′.

new~’Revolution’- 8″ mophead matures magenta with green eye. 3×3′.

‘Ocean’- Mophead. Ruffled pink sepals.


~’Expression’-rebloomer! Mophead with tightly packed purple/lavender/pink sepals. 4×3′.

~ ‘Firefly’- Semi-double bi-color petals, dark pink and buttermilk. 4’x4′

~‘Forever Pink’- Mophead. 3×3′.

FOREVER and EVER SERIES: bloom on new and old wood.

~’Blue Heaven’- Mophead. Blue. 4×4′.

new~’Fantasia’- Lime green and bright pink aging into apricot tones. 4×4′.

~’Forever and Ever’- (‘Early Sensation ‘) Mophead. Large blooms, bright pink. 4×4’.

~’Peppermint’- Mophead. Pink or blue with white edged sepals. 3×3′.

~’Together’, 8″, double blue or pink flowers, progress thru a series of color changes. Blooms open a light green and mature to rich violet or red by season’s end.  2-3’x 3-5′.

~’White Out’- Mophead. White. 3×3′.


new~’Inspire’- Perfect star shaped florets begin chartreuse aging into pinks or violets. 4×4′.

LET’S DANCE series: Huge flowers. Rebloomer.

~’Diva!’- Lacecap. HUGE sepals. Soft pink. 3×3′.

new~’Rave’-Rich violet blue or saturated pink mophead. 3×3′.

~’Rhythmic Blues’- Mophead. Blue or pink. 3×3′.


~ ‘LA Dreamin’- both pink, lavender, and blue mophead flowers on the same plant! 4’x4′-

new~’Lime Lovebird’- Green flowers age pink. 4×4′.

new~’Love’- Double flowers, mophead. 3×3′. Blooms on both old and new wood.

new~’Miss Saori’- Double white blooms with crisp pink edge. 3×3′.

~‘Nikko Blue’ – Mophead. 6×6′.  3 gal $29.99

Onyx series: Black stems

new~’Flamingo’- Soft pink mophead flowers. 4×4′.

new~’Peacock’-Giant mophead blooms on both old and new stems. 4×3′

~’Zebra’- White mophead blooms. 4×4′.

~‘Penny Mac’ – Mophead. 5×5′.  3 gal $29.99

new~’Rosy Splendor’- Heavy blooming double pink lacecap. 5×5′.

new~’Ruby Blossom’- 4-6″ double deep pink mophead. 3×4′.

~‘Silver Slipper’ – see ‘Ayesha’

~’Stargazer’-4’x5′ 3 gal $34.99

~ ‘Sweet Fantasy’- pink speckled mophead. 4’x6′ 3 gal $34.99

new~’Violet Crown- Lime green and violet mophead flowers edged white. 4×5′.

~’Wedding Gown’- Double mophead! Flowers open rich green and mature to pure white. Rebloomer. 4×5′. 3 gal $34.99

~’Zorro’-Lacecap. Pink or blue. 6×6′.

paniculata Pee Gee Hydrangea. Blooms on new wood. Responds very well to a deep pruning in spring, resulting in larger flowers. Does quite well in sunny areas too with good soil.

~’Fire & Ice’- Domes open white, quickly turning to pink and aging to deep magenta. Hot in a very cool way! 5×4′.  3 gal $34.99

~’Firelight’-white flowers age deep pink. 6×6′. 3g $39.99

~‘Limelight’- lime-green flower heads age to white, then finally to shades of pink. 8×8′.

~’Little Lime’- Lime green flowers age to white, then pink. 4×4′.

~’Pinky Winky’-12-16″ long panicles (flower heads) are white, aging to pink, white still pushing white petals at top of flower head. 8×8′. 3g $24.99

~’Strawberry Sundae’- (First Edition series) White blooms age to bright pink. 5×5′. 3 gal $34.99

~’Sweet Summer’- Domes begin bright green, mature pure white, aging to a wonderful pink. 5×5′. 3 gal $34.99

~’Vanilla Strawberry’- Creamy white blooms age to bright pink.  7×7′. 3 gal $34.99

~’Zinfin Doll’- White flowers age to  raspberry pink. 8×8′.

quercifolia– Oakleaf Hydrangea- NATIVE. Irregular, mounding shrub. Large dark green leaves resemble Oak leaves. Autumn color reddish-purple, long lasting. Erect flower heads begin white, aging to pink. Exfoliating cinnamon brown bark. Sun to 1/2 shade.

~’Little Honey’- Bright golden yellow foliage ages to summer chartreuse, then brilliant red in autumn. 4×4′. 1g $19.99

new~’Ice Crystal’- White flowers. Compact to 5×5′. 3g $39.99

~’Ruby Slippers’- Compact form with white flowers quickly aging to ruby red. 4×5′ 3g $34.99

~’Snow Queen’- Standard old fashioned variety. 6×6′ 3g $34.99


~’Bluebird’- Lacecap 4×4′.

~’Preziosa’- Mophead. 3×3′.

~’Purple Tiers’- (Miyama-yae-Murasaki’) Double lacecap. 5×5′

Hypericum- St John’s Wort. Sun or shade. Deer resistant.

androsaemum ‘Albury’s Purple’- Dark purple foliage, small yellow flowers in clusters. Berry-like fruit starts green, then red, purple and finally black. 3×4′. Prune hard each spring. 3g $29.99

~’Ignite Scarlet’- Yellow flower clusters followed by red fruits. 3×3′. 3g $34.99

palmatum ‘Hidcote’- NATIVE. 3″ golden yellow flowers May-June. 3g $24.99

new~’Magical Triumph- Large red fruits in autumn. 3×3′. 3g $45

new~’Magical Desire’- Large pale pink berries. 3×3′. 3g $45

;caption[Hydrangea ‘Bluebird’]”>Hydrangea 'Bluebird'

~‘Snow Queen’- Numerous flowers. Bronze-red autumn color. 6×6′. 3 gal $34.99


serrata– all pH sensitive. Prune as with H. macrophylla..

~‘Bluebird’- Lacecap. 4×4′ 3 gal $29.99

~‘Preziosa’ – Mophead. Red autumn color. 3×3′.  3 gal $29.99

~ ‘Purple Tiers’- (‘Miyama-yae-Murasaki’)-Double lacecap. 5×5’.  3 gal $29.99

~’Tiny Tuff Stuff’- Lacecap. pH controls flower color. 2×2′.

~’Tuff Stuff’-Lacecap. Red. 3×3′.


St John’s Wort- Sun or shade. Well-drained soils. Deer resistant.

androsaemum‘Albury Purple’- Dark purple foliage. Small yellow flowers in clusters. Berry like fruit starts green, aging thru red, purple to black. 3×4′. Prune to 6″ each spring. 3 gal $24.99

palmatum ‘Hidcote’- 3″ golden yellow flowers May-July. 3×3′. NATIVE. 3 gal $24.99

~ ‘Ignite Scarlet’- Dark green foliage provides superb contrast to electric yellow flowers and bright red berries in late summer and fall.  Once established, is very drought resistant.  3’x3′  3 gal $34.99