Tree & Shrub List I

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Tree & Shrub List I


Holly- Moist, well-drained, acid soils. Sun to full shade, although they won’t be as dense in full shade. Ilex verticillata happy in wet soils. Berrying hollies need a boy to pollinate girl.

aquilifolium x. pernyi ‘Dragon Lady’- Deep green, glossy, spined leaves. Red berries. Tall and columnar to 15×5′. 3 gal $29.99 7 gal $69.99

new aquilifolium x’Santa’s Delight’- Variegated foliage. Creamy white edge changes to pink in winter. Raspberry pink new foliage growth. Red berries with pollinator. Very hardy variegated variety. 10×8′ 5g $55

aquilifolium x. cornuta ‘SKH’- An improved ‘Nellie Stevens’. Heavy fruit set with male nearby. 15-25′ tall x 10′ wide. 3 gal $34.99 (Nellie Stevens also in stock ocasionally)

crenata– Japanese Holly- Round leaves, black berries on female plants. Assorted varieties, sizes and prices come and go all season long.

~’Drops of Gold’- Upper leaves always golden, especially bright gold in spring, over deep green inner leaves. 3×3′. 3 g $29.99

~‘Green Luster’ 5×8′. 2 gal $12.99

~‘Helleri’- 3×4′. 2 gal $14.99


~‘Sky Pencil’- 8′ x 18″. 2 gal $27.99

~‘Soft Touch’- 2×3′. 2 gal $14.99

~‘Steed’s’- 10×5′. 3 gal $29.99

glabra– Inkberry- Upright, evergreen, rounded shrub. Native. ~‘Shamrock’- 3-4×3-4′. 2 gal $14.99 – $24.99

meserveae – Blue Hollies- Deep green-blue foliage. Red berries on girls.

~‘Blue Princess’/ ‘Blue Prince’ combo- boy and girl co-existing. 15′ x12′. 3 gal $34.99

~’Blue Prince’- male pollinator. 6-8’x3-6′ g $34.99

~’Castle Spire’- Vigorous, bright red berries. 12×4′. 3g $39.99

~’Castle Wall’- Male. 8 x4′ 3g $45.00

~’China Girl’ – lighter green leaves and yellow stems. 8×8′. 3 g $34.99

meserveae x. pernyi ‘Red Beauty’ (‘Rutzan’)- Very nice. Upright holly tree, red berries. 8×3′ after 10 years. 3 gal $34.99 24-20″ $45

verticillata – Winterberry- Deciduous. Winter stems of females loaded with striking red berries. Awesome. NATIVE. Prefers moist to wet, although seems to do just fine in “normal”. Berries will be heavier and fatter when irrigated through summer dry months. Add a lot of compost when planting….Pick the right boy for pollination, there are early and late flowering. 1 boy for every 5 girls (busy boy!) Usually 3g $34.99

~‘Afterglow’-Female. Large orange-red berries. 8×8′.

~‘Jim Dandy’- Male.- Pollinates ‘Afterglow’, ‘Maryland Beauty’ and ‘Red Sprite’. 6×6′.

~’Maryland Beauty’- Female. Large berries. 5×5′.

~’Red Sprite’- Female. 5×5′.

~’Southern Gentleman’- Male. Pollinates ‘Sparkleberry’, Winter Red’, Winter Gold’.

~’Sparkleberry’- Female. Lots of little berries. 12×2′.

~’Winter Red’- Female. 8×8′.

~’Winter Red’/’Southern Gentleman’ combo pot- both together, thus planted as “one” plant in the landscape. 8×8′. 3g $39.99

x. ‘Rock Garden’- Dwarf evergreen variety with regular holly leaves. Grows only to 1×1′! 1g $19.99

x. ‘Winter Bounty’- (i. ciliospinosa’ x I. latifolia)- Unique holly tree with bold, shiny, round-leafed evergreen foliage. Heavy berry display when pollinated with ‘Blue Prince’. 3 g $34.99


virginica- Sweetspire NATIVE. Long white fragrant bottlebrush flowers in summer. Deep red-burgundy autumn foliage persists into winter. Stoloniferous, will spread by underground runners.

~’Henry’s Garnet’- 4×6’+. (‘Little Henry’ gets just as big…..) 3g $29.99

Itea virginica- Sweetspire- Long white, fragrant flowers arch from the shrub in July. Deep burgundy-red foliage is persistent often hanging on through December before falling off. Sun or shade, prefers moist to occasionally wet soils. Stoloniferous (spreads by underground runners). NATIVE.

~‘Henry’s Garnet’- 4×6′. 3 gal $24.99 (variety ‘Little Henry’ is supposed to be smaller growing, but in my garden has achieved the 4×6′ of Henry…..)