Tree & Shrub List J

Tree & Shrub List J


Juniper- Full sun, will not tolerate shady areas. Some are native. Deer resistant. Some of the older varieties are not garden worthy due to fungal uprisings! (i.e. ‘Sky Rocket’ and ‘Wichita Blue’ are the 2 worst still sold, but not sold at HG!)

Deer resistant.

chinensis ‘Gold Lace’- Gold all season. 4×6′. 2 gal $24.99

~’Hetzi Columnaris’- Upright pyramid. Bright green foliage. Female. 10-15×6′. 3 gal $34.99 4-5′ $69.99

~’Lemon Pfizz’- bright lemon/gold fronds above deep green inner foliage. 2×5′. 2 g $24.99

communis– NATIVE.

~‘Gold Cone’- Awesome gold spring foliage subdues to blue-green in summer. Upright cone, 12×3′.

1 g $15.99 2′ $24.99

~’Horstmann Weeper’ – weeping form with rich green fronds. 10×10′. 3 g $34.99

conferta ‘Blue Pacific’- Blue-green-silver foliage. Big blue berries. 8″x6′. 2 gal $24.99

horizontalis ‘Wiltoni’- Blue Rug Juniper- Silvery-blue foliage turns purplish in winter. 6″x8′. NATIVE. 1 gal $9.99 2 gal $24.99

procumbens ‘Nana’- Japanese Garden Juniper- Light green foliage. 2×10′. 2 gal $24.99

squamata‘Blue Star’- Blue foliage has purple winter color. 3×4’. 2 gal $19.99-$24.99

virginiana ‘Emerald Sentinel’-  NATIVE. Fabulous green upright. Female. 15×6′. Great for a hedge. See a hedge at Grace Lutheran Church, surrounding parking lot. (Carlisle road, a few blocks away from HG..) 3g $34.99