Tree & Shrub List K

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Tree & Shrub List K


Mountain Laurel- Full sun to deep shade. Moist, well-drained, compost rich, acid soil. Cupped flowers form flower heads in June. Evergreen. NATIVE. PA State Flower. How to kill a Mountain Laurel- over water or plant in poorly drained soil. All varieties 3 gal 39.99

latifolia ‘Elf’- Light pink buds, whitte flowers. 3×3′. 10-12″ $39.99

~’Keepsake’- Raspberry red buds open to purplish-burgundy flowers with white edges. 4×4′. 3g $45

~’Nipmuck’- Red buds open pink. 5×5′. 3g $45

~’Peppermint’- White flowers with red spokes radiating from center. 5×5′. 3g $39.99




japonica ‘Golden Guinea’- Large, single yellow flowers intermittently spring thru autumn. Bright green stems an asset in the winter landscape. 4×4′. Moist well-drained soil, no fertilizer. Remove all stems every few years. Part shade. 3 gal $24.99

Kolkowitzia–  Beautybush- Pink flowers attract hummingbirds in May. ‘Pink Cloud’- Bell shaped, pink flowers in late spring. 6×8′. 2 gal $19.99


paniculata -Goldenraintree -‘Fastigiata’  Skinny and upright!  Sparse, bright yellow flowers in the summer; come autumn it’s decorated with lantern shaped seed pods. Quite magical! Plant in full sun and make certain it’s a well draining site.  25’x6′. 3g $32.99