Tree & Shrub List L

Tree & Shrub List L


x. fauriei- Crape Myrtle- Long blooming summer small trees/ large shrubs. The hotter it gets, the happier they are. Full sun, well- drained soils. We are only carrying the ones proven to be winter hardy zone 6. Reported Deer resistant.

Assorted sizes available, starting at 3 gal $29.99

~‘Acoma’- white, semi-weeping, 9×12′

~ ‘Arapaho’- brand new red, fast growing. 15-25x 15-20’.

~‘Burgundy Cotton’- Burgundy new foliage, white flowers. 10-20′ x 5′

~ ‘Center Punch’ – Punch-red flowers. 4×4’ after 5 years. 

~ ‘Cherry Dazzle’- Brilliant red flowers. Purple autumn foliage. 5×5′. 

~‘Dynamite’- Red flowers, red new leaves, autumn orange foliage. 20’x 18′

new~’Double Feature’- Wine-red foliage, ruby-red flowers. 8×8′.

new~”Enduring Summer”Lavender-Glossy green foliage, lavender pink blooms.5×5′.

new~”Enduring Summer”Pink-Glossy green foliage, pink blooms.5×5′.

~”Enduring Summer” Red- Red blooms mid-late summer. 5×5′. 3g $34.99

~‘Hopi’- shell pink. 6-8×6-8′.

new~’Midnight Magic'(First Editions)- Purple-maroon leaves and rich pink flowers.6×6′.

new~Moonlight Magic’ (First Editions)- Purple-maroon leaves,bright white flowers. 12×6′.

~‘Pink Velour’- Pink flowers, purple new leaves, autumn orange foliage. 10’x12′. 3 gal $34.99

new~’Purple Magic’ (First Edition)-Green leaves, rich purple flowers. 10×10′.

~ ‘Raspberry Dazzle’- Raspberry-red flowers. Upright. 4-6′ x 2-3′. 

~’Rhapsody in Pink’- soft pink/lavender, maroon foliage. 12×8′.

~‘Sarah’s Favorite’- White flowers, autumn red and orange foliage. 15-20’x 20′.

~‘Sioux’- Rich pink, autumn red and purple foliage. 15-20×8′.

~‘Siren Red’- Deep red, red autumn foliage. Upright growth to 10-12’x5′.

~’Tonto’- Fuchsia-red, bright maroon autumn foliage. 8×8′.

~’Zuni’-Medium lavender, orange-red to dark red autumn foliage. 9×8′.


decidua -European Larch-

~’Cherry Valley’- Green needles turn orange-gold in autumn. 8×6′ projected ult size. 1 gal $85, 3g

~’Lanarck’-Green foliage. 4×4′. 1g 9-12″

~’Prag’- Collector plant. Rare form with upturned finely needled branches on a tight mound. Very slow growing. 4×4′. 1g

~’Puli’- Narrow and gracefully weeping. 6-8’x1-3′. 3g 36-42″


~ ‘Grey Pearl’- Globular, dwarf variety. Soft, bluish-grey foliage, turning to bronze in late autumn.  3’x3′ in 10 years. 3g 24-30″

~’Paper Lanterns’- Unique, narrow upright slightly twisted branches and twigs. Numerous lantern-shaped cones. 10×5′ @10 years.  3 gal $39.99

~’Wolterdingen’- Dwarf 2×2′. 1g

Lespedeza thunbergii – Bush Clover-Long arching branches, small flowers in late summer. Cut to 6″ tall every spring for best habit/flower display.


axilaris – Coast Leucothoe- Arching evergreen foliage has red new foliage. White flowers in May. 2×3′. NATIVE. 2 gal $14.99

fontanesiana‘Rainbow’- New spring foliage emerges whites, pinks and coppers, subduing the contrast as the leaves mature. White flower bells in May. Evergreen. Part to full shade. Compost rich, well-drained, acid soil. Hates dry, hates wet. 2×3′. NATIVE.   3 gal $27.99


japonicum ‘Korean Choice’- Evergreen with deep green, semi-glossy foliage. Creamy white flower plumes in summer. 10-12′ x 5-8′. Although “old-school” gardening might have this clipped into a hedge, allowing it to just be will make a nice screen, or individual small evergreen tree.  3 gal $29.99 Deer resistant.

ovalifolium– Oval Leaf Privet-  Oval-shaped leaves, glossy dark–green on top, yellow green underneath.  Produces small white blooms in early summer. 15’x15′ 3 gal $24.99

sinense ‘Swift Creek- variegated yellow-green leaves, upright rounded habit.  6’x6’. 3 gal $29.99

Lindera benzoin

Spicebush- Cool NATIVE shrub! Ours are very “natural” looking, haven’t been pruned and made to conform. Small yellow flowers early spring, bright red, 1/2″ oval fruits will occur on some plants. Golden autumn color. 6-12′ x6-12′. Semi-shade and moist soil. Loved by the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly! 3-4′ $39.99



~’Happidaze’ Big!  60′ x 40′.  Dark green, star-shaped leaves turn dark maroon in autumn.  SEEDLESS!!  Grows 3-5′ per year. Native! 15 gal $110

~’Slender Silhouette’- Fabulous, tight, columnar tree. Dark green star-shaped foliage changes to orange, red and yellow in autumn. 50′ tall only 3′ wide! 1″ cal $89.99  1.5″ cal $115


Deer resistant-

shrub type:

nitida -Boxleaf Honeysuckle-Insignificant flowers. Sun or shade.

~’Baggeson’s Gold’ – Brilliant golden-yellow foliage is semi-evergreen. Best yellow color in more sun. Dense mound 5×5′. 5g $39.99

~’Little Lemon Zest’- Striking cream and green foliage. Evergreen. 3×3′. 1g $17.99

vine type:

sempervirens  NATIVE.

~’Alabama Crimson’- Red blooms May-Sept. 10-20′ twining. 3 gal $29.99

~ ‘Major Wheeler’- Intense orange-red trumpets May- Sept. Native. 10-20′ twining. 3g $39.99

x. heckrotii Goldflame-  NATIVE. red/yellow bicolor with slight fragrance. 10-20′, twining.  3g $29.99

periclymenum ‘Peaches & Cream’- Compact, vigorous. Magenta buds open to peachy gold flowers late spring- late summer. 6′.  3g$29.99

~’Scentsation’- Yellow flowers summer- autumn. 10′ scramble. 3 g $39.99