Tree & Shrub List M

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Tree & Shrub List M


An excellent group of flowering trees. Don’t plant too deep. Deer resistant.

grandiflora ‘Edith Bogue’- Evergreen Magnolia- Pyramidal form with shiny dark green, evergreen leaves. Large white fragrant flowers June-July. Scarlet seeds in autumn. 30×15′. Moist, organic rich, acid soils. Protect from winter winds. 3 gal $45.00

~’Bracken’s Brown Beauty’- as above, but with dark brown fuzz on the underside of the leaf. Reported to be a better grower in our area than Edith.  30’x25′   15 gal $195

~‘Little Gem’- As above, but distinctly narrow, 20×10′. 3 gal $34.99

~ stellata Star Magnolia- very early season white flowers on a shrub-type tree 15×15′. 7g $69.99

~’Royal Star’- open branched, multi-trunked shrub or small tree.  Prolific early spring bloomer with large, fragrant double white flowers appearing before foliage.  A show-stopper! 20’x15′  2 gal $15.99

virginiana– Sweet Bay Magnolia- Sweetly scented white flowers in early summer. 15×15′. NATIVE. Will grow in wet soils. 7 gal $75, 15g $75

~’Henry Hicks’- Remains evergreen to -17! Grows to 25′ tall. 3-4′ $65

~ ‘Moonglow’-medium sized tree that can be semi-evergreen.  Creamy white, fragrant blooms appear in mid-spring, and will sometimes bloom clear into summer!  35’x20′  15g $75, 5-6′ $190

M. liliflora x M. stellata

~’Betty’- Crossed to flower later than the straight stellata species to avoid frost, Betty’s flowers bloom in late April and are deep purple-red on the outside and white on the inside. New foliage emerges a copper-red color and ages to green. Grows with a rounded habit and matures at 10-15’x10-15′. Full sun or part shade, and the soil must be well drained and acidic. Do not plant or mulch too deeply! 7g $45

~ ‘Jane’- Noted for it’s shrubby habit and large, reddish-purple flowers that bloom later than other magnolias. 15’x12′. 7g


bealei-Leatherleaf Mahonia- Large bold blue-green hollyleaf shaped foliage. Yellow fragrant flowers in spring. Blue grape-like fruit. Part-full shade. 6×6′. No windy spots. 3g $39.99

Malus Crabapple

~’Indian Summer’- Broad-rounded. Deep red blooms. Orange-red autumn color. Small red fruits. 15×15′. 10g $115

~’Prairiefire’-Spring purple foliage ages to green-purple. Pink-red flowers. 1/2″ red fruit. 20×20′. 15g $115, 6-7′ $125

~’Sugartyme’- White fragrant flowers. Glossy red 1/2″ fruit. 18×15′.6-7′ $150

~’Tina’-White fragrant flowers, 1/4″ red fruit. Grafted high, 8×8. 5’super full $250

Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn Redwood- Deciduous. Fast growing. Bright green needles turn rust for autumn color. Small 3/4″ cones. Gorgeous bark. Distinctly pyramidal. 70×25. 8-10′ $ 89.99

~’Gold Rush’-Magnificent gold foliage.

new~’Swamp Thing’- Found growing in a swampy area, so similar to having a Bald Cypress. 5g 4-5′

Microbiota decussata- Siberian Carpet, Russian Cypress. Light olive green finely textured foliage. 1×6′ Sun or part shade. 2g $19.99

Myrica pensylvanica-Bayberry NATIVE Semi-evergreen, quick growing, aromatic shrub. Berries used to make candles. Berries on female plants, need male to pollinate, and no one seems to mark them for such. Deer resistant. 6-10′ tall/wide.3g $29.99

;caption[Malus ‘Lollipop’]”>Malus 'Lollipop'splay.

~’Indian Summer’- Deep red blossoms. Orange-red autumn color. 3/4″ bright red fruit is loved by birds. 15×20′. 15g $115

Malus 'Prairie Fire'~‘Prairiefire’- pink-red flowers. Dark red, ½” fruit. Spring purple foliage ages to purple-green. Upright to 20×20’. 15g $115, 6-7′ $125

~’Sugar Tyme’- 6-7′ $150

~’Tina’- 5′ heavy head $250


glyptostroboides– Dawn Redwood- Deciduous. Bright green needles change to orange-brown in autumn. Small, ¾”cones. Gorgeous bark. Fast growing. 70×25’. 8-10′ $89.99

~‘Gold Rush’ (aka ‘Ogon’)- Gold-foliaged Dawn Redwood. 25’x12′ in 10 yrs, will grow 50+  5-6′ $150

new ~’Swamp Thang’- Darker green foliage and deeper red-brown bark than species, found growing in wet soil. 50×20′. 5g 4-5′ $180


decussata– Siberian Carpet, Russian Cypress- Light, olive-green, evergreen foliage. Soft and fine-textured. 1×6’. Part shade. Moist well-drained soil. 2 gal $17.99

~ ‘Fuzzball’- Very hardy and compact in habit with a fuzzy look to it. 12″ x 23-36″ 2 gal $19.99


pensylvanica– Bayberry- Semi-evergreen, quick growing, aromatic shrub. Berries used to make candles. There are females and males, females loaded with berries, males may still have a light quantity of berries. Need both for heavy berry production. Deer resistant. NATIVE. 6-10’x6-10’. 3 gal $29.99