Tree & Shrub List N


– Heavenly Bamboo- Common name due to the like-texture to bamboo, heavenly because it doesn’t spread like bamboo. Evergreen foliage turns shades of red thru winter. Summer white flower spikes. Bright red berry clusters on some varieties. Sun or shade. Soil adaptable. Avoid windy winter spots. Seem to be deer resistant.

~‘Compacta’- Red winter foliage, flowers and berries. 4×4’. Suckers/spreads. 3 gal $29.99 5 gal $45

~‘Firepower- Chartreuse-green foliage turns to bright red in winter. No flowers or fruit. 30″ tall and wide. 1 gal $12.99 2 gal $24.99 3 gal $24.99

~‘Gulfstream’- Similar to ‘Harbour Dwarf’ but does not sucker. 3×3′. 1 gal $14.99 2 gal $24.99 3 gal $45

~‘Harbour Belle’ 18″x3′. 2 gal $24.99

Nandina 'Harbor 'Dwarf'~’Tuscan Flame’- Fine textured. Green and red foliage. 4×3′. 3g $45


sylvatica– Black Gum, Sour Gum, Tupelo- New leaf growth is red, maturing to dark green. Outstanding autumn colors of fluorescent orange to purple to scarlet. 30-50’x20-30’. Moist to wet, acid soils. NATIVE. 6-7′ $89.99, 1.25″ cal $95

new~’Green Gable’- Super shiny foliage all summer. Brilliant red autumn. 50×30′. 15g $150

~’Tupelo Tower’- Very upright growth. Shiny dark green foliage turns yellow and orange in autumn, 40×20′. 1″ cal $125

~’Zydeco Twist’- Contorted branches make for an interesting winter skeleton. Fabulous autumn color! 20×15′. 4-5′ $79.99, 5-6′ $89.99, 1g 3-4′ $34.99