Tree & Shrub List P

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suffruticosa– Tree Peony- Slow growing woody shrubs which do not get cut back as common garden peonies do. Huge flowers in May. They are usually grafted on garden peonies, so keep basal suckers cut off. Plant a little deep to help the tree peony get it’s own roots, freeing them from the graft. Best in part shade, moist well-drained soil. Most get 3’ tall, 3-5’ wide. We have named varieties. Deer resistant.  2 year named varieties $50


persica– Ironwood- ‘Vanessa’ Reddish-purple young foliage ages to beautiful green with maroon edges. Autumn colors are brilliant yellow, orange, purple and scarlet. Very early spring flowers are maroon. Bark begins to exfoliate with age, gray, green. brown and white. Well-drained, organic rich, acid soil. 30×10’. 1.75″ $235


tricupsidata– Boston Ivy- Clinging vine. Bright, shiny green foliage changes to scarlets, crimson and oranges in autumn. Grows 30’+, at a pace of 6′ + per year.  2 g $19.99


Mockorange. Late spring fragrant white flowers. Full sun. Acid soils.

~’Snowbelle’- 4×4′. 3g $45


x. fraseri ‘Phrozen Phire’- extra hardy, evergreen foliage is bright red in spring. Great hedge. 12×10′ 3g $29.99



~ ‘Center Glow’- Leaves emerge greenish-gold in spring, maturing to burgundy and showing both colors through the process.  Pinkish-white, 5-petaled flowers in spring. Exfoliating reddish bark. 6-8′ tall and wide. 3 gal $29.99

‘Diablo’- Reddish-purple foliage all season long. White flower clusters in June. Exfoliating cinnamon-colored bark. 8×8’. NATIVE. Sun-pt shade. Soil adaptable, very drought tolerant once established.   .75″ tree form $79.99

new~’Ginger Wine’- (Proven Winner) Coppery-orange new growth matures to burgundy. 6×6′. 3g $45

~ ‘Lady in Red’- Ruby-red foliage, pink flowers in spring, red berries in autumn. 5′ high and wide.  3 gal $29.99

~’Little Devil’, deep burgundy foliage offset by button-like white-pink flowers in June.  3-4’x 3-4′. 3gal 39.99

~’Summerwine’- as above but more compact 6×6′. 3 gal $24.99


Spruce- Deer resistant.

abies– Norway Spruce- Sun. Moist well-drained soils. 

~’Acrocona’- Small, broad upright-spreading shrub or tree has bright red cones at branch ends. 10′ tall in 10 yrs, mature height 20′  3 g $85

~’Cruenta’- Dark green dwarf to intermediate tree, with magenta spring growth. 8’x2.5′ in 10 yrs.   6g $100

new ~’Glauca Pendula’- 4′ $89.99

~ ‘Gold Drift’- Dwarf evergreen with weeping form.  Can be grown as ground cover.  Butter-yellow needles!  6’x3′ in 10 yrs. 3 gal $79.99

new~’Gold Dust’- Irregularly conical, two toned gold and green needles. 4×2′. 3g 12-18″

~ ‘Little Gem’- Compact, globe-shaped evergreen. Grows 2’x2′. 3 gal $59.99

~ ‘Nidiformis’- Bird’s Nest Spruce- spreading, dense evergreen. 3-6×5-8′. 2 gal $24.99

new ~’Pendula’- 4′ $170

~’Pusch’- Hardy, dwarf spruce sets bright red cones at the ends of many short shoots in spring.  Globose early developing into an upright form in maturity.  2’x3′ high and wide. 3 gal $34.99

~’Rubra spicata’- Stunning deep red new growth each spring. 15-20′ tall in 10 yrs. 3 gal $34.99

new~’Vermont  Gold’- Lemon yellow needles overlay dark green needles. 1×3′ in 10 yrs. Part Shade. 1g $

~’Weeping Blue’- Upright narrow form with blue weeping branches forming a flaring skirt. 4-5′ tall in 10 yrs. 3 gals $34.99

engelmanii~’Bush’s Lace’- Strong center leader with pendulous branches. Blue-gray needles. 30-40×10-15′. 3g $115

glauca– Dwarf Alberta Spruce- ‘Conica’- Slow-growing, perfect, over-used triangle, prone to spider mites. 8×6’.  Assorted sizes all season.

omorika– Serbian Spruce ~’Bruns’- 30′ tall x 8-10′ wide. Beautiful dark green needles with silver undersides. Gorgeous tree. 3g $65

~’Nana’- Blue and green needles make interesting color effect. Mounding, compact, conical, 3×2′ at 10 yrs, aging to 5×4′. A beauty! 3 gal $55

~’Pendula Bruns’- 5′ $150

~ ‘Sky Trails’- narrow, upright tree with pendulous branches. Deep blue-green needles with siflery white bands on the underside of each needle. 15-20’x8-12′ 3 gal $79.99

orientalis– Oriental Spruce-My favorite species. Love the emerging spring foliage contrast colors against the mature foliage. Love the habit. Purple cones! Sun. Moist, well-drained soil.

~’Atrovirens’ Slender habit and arching branches are over a chestnut brown exfoliating bark. Small and show cones.  Good for small yard spaces.  40’x20′  3g $90

~‘Aureospicata’- Lemon new growth over very dark green foliage. Purple cones. 8-10×5-7’. 3 gal $29.99,

~’Barnes’ A nest like shrub, 3×6′ at maturity. 15-18″ $59.99, 18-21″ $65

~‘Early Gold’- New growth is stunning gold each spring, then subduing to glossy dark greens 2×4’ @10 yrs. Mine is 6×5’ and gorgeous at 16 yrs.  3g $39.99

~ ‘Gowdy’- A dense, narrow tree with sweeping branches.  Pale green new growth turns dark glossy green. 10’x4′.  Sun to pt. Shade. 3 gal $89.99

~ ‘Gracilis Nana’- A broad, pyramidal variety with dark green needles and very dens branching.  6’x4′ in 10 yrs.  Sun- Pt. shade.  3 gal $69.99

new ~’Mt. Vernon’- soft needles, slow growing to 2×2′ 1g 39.99

~ ‘Nigra Compacta’- Very dark green foliage.  Compact grower reaching 4’x3′ in 10 yrs.  Will look more conical with age.  Sun. 3 gal $59.99

~’Skylands’- Yellow foliage on the top of the branches, green underneath. Painfully slow-growing. 12×4’ @20yrs. May sunburn. Make sure to provide organic-rich soil. aka ‘Aurea-compacta’   10g $200

new ~’Spring Frost’- Bright lemon spring foliage matures weeks later to shiny dark green. Conical, eventually 15×8′. 1g $29.99

~ ‘Tom Thumb’- A miniature bun of yellow foliage 4″x12″ in 10 years! 3 gal $79.99

pungens– Blue Spruce. Sun. Well-drained soils. NATIVE.

~’Fat Albert’- 3′ $150, 4′ $175

~’Glauca globosa’- Blue flat-topped shrub. 3-4’x 5-6′. 12-18″ High std, 24″ $115, 24-30″ low $115

~’Gebelle’s Golden Spring’- Fat, dwarf Blue Spruce with bright gold spring new growth! 12×10′. 24-30″ $130, 3-4′ $140

new ~’The Blues’- 30″ $150

~’Weeping Blue’ 10g $165

Pieris 'Cavatine'~‘Cavatine’- Flowers heavily, with green buds opening to white flowers in April. Shiny green foliage. Very compact, 2×2’. 2 gal $27.99-$29.99

~‘Dorothy Wykcoff’- Very popular variety with profuse white bells. 8×6’.  3 gal $32.99

~’Little Heath’- Neat, compact shrub with yellowish-green margins on gray-green leaves, new leaves are pink.  Small, bell-shaped white flowers in spring. 3-4′ high and wide.  2 gal $24.99

~‘Mountain Fire’- Sparse blooms, but more than makes up for that with repeated flushes of bright red new foliage growth thru-out the season. 6×5’.  3 gal $32.99

~’Passion’- Bright pink flower clusters. 5×5′.  8-10″ $29.99

~’Passion Frost’- Variegated foliage, bright pink flowers. 5×5′.  10-12″ $29.99


Pine -Sun and well-drained soil. Will languish in shade. Will die quick in poorly drained soils.

bungeana– Lacebark Pine- Dark green stiff needles. Bark exfoliates greens, browns. 50’x35′  3 gal $59.99

~’Rowe Arboretum’ colorful bark flakes off in patterns of green, brown, and white.  10′ x 4′ at 10 years.  20′ x 6′ at maturity.  – 24-30″ $100

cembra– Swiss Stone Pine ~ ‘Glauca’, very rare cultivar with blue-green silver foliage.  Slow growing to 30′ x 15′. 3g $34.99

~ ‘Nana’- Slow growing dwarf, tightly pyramidal form with blue-green needles. 15-20’x8-12′ in very old age.  Full sun.  3′ B&B $ 160

~’Pygmaea’- A narrow, upright dwarf.  3-4′ in 10 yrs.  3 gal $ 55

 contorta~ ‘Willow Creek’- Dense, pyramidal form with rich green foliage. 7×4′ in 10 yrs.  3 gal $50

new~’Chief Joseph’- Rich green summer foliage turns brilliant gold autumn-winter. 2×1’at 10 yrs, can reach 20′ in old age. 3g

~’Taylor’s Sunburst’- Golden yellow candles (new growth) ages to creamy yellow, finally opening rich green. 6×3′. 6g

densiflora– Japanese Red Pine-

~’Aurea’-Light yellow needles with green tints. Bright golden in winter. 50×25′.  1 g $39.99, std $89.99

~ ‘Burke’s Red Variegated’- Bright green and yellow bands decorate the creamy butter coloring.  Becomes more vibrant in summer.  Exfoliating orange-red bark.  20-30’x15-25′, full sun.  3′ B&B $170

‘Golden Ghost’- Glossy green needles are variegated with yellow.  Grows 7’x 5′ in 10 years.  1 g $29.99, 3′ B&B $185

~’Jane Kluis’ -A dwarf, globe-shaped flat-topped evergreen with stiff, dense needles.  3’x4′ 1 g $29.99

flexilis– Limber Pine- NATIVE.

new~’Millcreek’- Gray-blue soft needles. 20×10′. 1g 12-18″

~‘Vanderwolf’s Pyramid’ – Upright form with vigorous growth, averaging 2’ per year. Handsome blue-green needles are twisted. 30×15’. 3’$155

koraiensis– Korean Pine- Shiny dark green needles. Loose pyramid outline. 30-40′ tall.

~’Jack Korbit’ – Variegated long green needles with yellow bands. 30-40×15′. 3 g $69.99

~’Morris Blue’- Pyramidal, slow growing pine with silveryrich gold-blue curved needles. 10-35’x4-6′. 3′ $125, 3g $39.99

~ ‘Silveray’- Rich blue-green needles, fist-size pine cones look like little pineapples!  Columnar growth habit. 30×15′.  4′ B&B $150

leucodermis – Bosnian Pine-

~ ‘Compact Gem’- Slow-growing dwarf with a slender, dense compact conical shape.  Dark green needles. 4’x3′ in 10 yrs. 15×8′ in age 3g $

~ ‘Irish Bell’- 3 Broadly pyramidal form with upright branches holding tufts of green needles on silver white stems. 5-8’x4′ 3 g $75

new~’Mint Truffle’- Dense teardrop shaped pine. 10×8. 3g 18-24″

new~’Satellite’- Narrow dark green foliage. Densely growing, erect growing. 15×10′. 3g 18-24″


new~’Carsten’s Wintergold’- Light green needles turn amazing gold in winter, the colder the golder! 2×2′ at 10 yrs. 3g


~’Arnold’s Sentinel’- Upright, narrow, conical form with dark green, very stiff needles. 30’x6′, full sun. 3′ B&B $145

parviflora– Japanese White Pine- blue-green needles, tuft-like growth. Many quite sculptural and wind-swept looking. Fantastic. Sun. Well-drained soil. 20-40’x20-30′.

~’Ara Kawa’ A Japanese pine with warty, cork-like bark. Blue green needles are sprung in narrow tufts. 4’x3′ in 10 years makes this little creature good as a small focal point near a sitting area or as a stand out in the rock garden. Must have full sun and soil that drays well. 1 gal $27.99

~ ‘Azuma Goyo’- slow-growing variety with thick blue-green needles. 5’x3′ # gal $65

~ ‘ Bergmani’- Bright red cones are dramatic contrast to the twisted blue-green needles. 10’x8′. 3g

~’Brevifolia’- A graceful, small conifer with a narrow, upright habit and short, up=curved silver-green needles.  Great choice for small spaces! 40’x30′.  6-8′ $139.99

~ ‘Cleary’- Compact, slow-growing with dazzling silver-blue foliage.  6’x3′ in 10 yrs, full sun. 4′ B&B $155

~Elf’-Cute dwarf ornamental growing only 2″ a year!  Slowly reaches 6′ tall with a columnar growth habit.  2 g $85

~’Fukai’- Squatty upright with yellow variegation. Fabulous poised off the corner of a house or garage. Full sun and well draining soil, please! 10’x6′. 1 gal $27.99 B&B, 24-30″ $69.99

~’Glauca’- Full sized, blue foliage. 3′ $150, 4′ $175

~’Goldilocks’- Bright yellow needles, even brighter in spring. 6×4′ @10 yrs, 12 x8′ when old.  2 g $27.99   1 gal $45

~ ‘Ogon’- broadly pyramidal form with golden to gray-green needles.  10’x8′ 1 gal $29.99, 3 gal $65

~’Ogon Janome’- Gorgeous variegated variety with blue-green needles and yellow bands. Very rare! Part shade. Grows 8’x6′ in 10 years. 3 gal $75

~ ‘Tempelhof’- fast growing variety with an open, horizontal branching habit.  Blue-green, slightly twisted needles. 7’x4′ in 10 yrs. 3′ B&B $140

strobus– Eastern White Pine- NATIVE.

new~’Blue Shag’- 4×4′. 15″ $90, on a standard $165

~ ‘Blue Clovers’- Broadly pyramidal habit with extremely blue curled needles. 5’x3′ in 10 yrs. 5g $150

new~’Fastigiata’- 4′ $150

~ ‘Louie’- Dense, pyramidal variety with vibrant yellow. Color intensifies in winter. 10’x12′ 3 gal $65

~ ‘Sea Urchin’- Blue-gray needles, very dense,  compact mound. 3-4’x3-4′. 6 gal $100

~’Tiny Curls’ – small, distinctive conifer with mounding habit.  Needles are twisted, giving this pine a unique appearance in the garden.  Good for smaller gardens. 3-4’x4′ in 10 yrs.  24″ $180

sylvestris ~’Hillside Creeper’- 15″ $125

thunbergi– Japanese Black Pine

new~’Aocha matsu’- Super long needles are green with bold splashes of yellow. Rare! 12×6′ at 10yrs. 25×10’in age. 3g 18-24″

new ~’Banshoho’- 3′ $180

~’Oculis Draconis’-Dragon’s Eye- needles banded green and yellow.  Very stiff appearance.  Broad pyramid to 20-30′. 3g $34.99

~’Thunderhead’- 24″ $135

virginiana-Scrub Pine- ‘Wate’s Golden’, bright green needles in summer turning to school bus yellow in winter.  20′ x 15′.  Native!  Sun, moist, acid, well drained soil. 3g $34.99


Summer flowering shrub. Flowers shaped like buttercups. Finely textured. Sun. Moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. Prune to 6” every few years for best long-term appearance. I saw nice ones in a garden….once……

~’Goldfinger’- Mounded growth to 3’x4′.  3 g $24.99

Prunus- Ornamental Cherry

campanulata– Taiwan Cherry- ‘Okame’- Small, dark pink flowers cover the branches in Late Feb-March. Rich green summer foliage changes to bronze-orange-red in autumn. Shiny reddish bark has gray rings. 30×20′. 1.25″ cal $190

laurocerasus– Cherry Laurel- Shiny dark green foliaged evergreen shrubs happy in full sun to full shade. Moist, well-drained, acid soils. Quite drought tolerant once established. Will not survive in poorly drained soils. White flower spikes in May. Purple-black fruit in autumn.

~’Chestnut Hill’- glossy, dark-green foliage on a compact shrub.   3-4′ high and wide.  3g $34.99

~‘Mt Vernon’- Low, arching. 3×4’.  2 gal $24.99

‘Nana’- Dwarf English Laurel- Leathery dark green, evergreen leaves. 6′ tall and wide.  36-42″ $89.99, 30-36″ $79.99

Prunus 'Otto Luyken'~‘Otto Luyken’-Broad and vase-shaped. 4×6’. 15-18″ $45, 18-24″ $55, 24-30″ $69.99

~’Schipkaensis’- hardy evergreen laurel with narrow growth habit.  2-5’x5-10′. 36-42″ $79.99, 4-5′ $89.99

serulata Prunus 'Pendula'‘Kwanzan’- Ornamental Cherry Tree- Very popular tree. Covered with very double pink flowers in spring. Vase-shaped tree. 30×20’. 15 gal $125, 7-8′ $175

~‘Pendula’- Weeping Cherry- 15×15. Pendulous branches, pink flowers. 15 gal $125

new ~’Pink Cascade’- 5-6′ $195

new ~’Pendula Plena Rosea’- 6-7′ $195

~’Royal Burgundy’ double reddish-pink flowers.  Deep purple foliage turns bronze-purple in autumn.  20′ x 15′. 6-7′ $175

~‘Snow Fountain’- White flowers on pendulous branches. 12×12’. Orange- yellow autumn color. 15’x20′.  15 gal $135

virginiana -Native Chokeberry ~’Canada Red’ A small suckering tree with slender branches that twist and contort into an oval crown. New foliage is green and it matures to a reddish-purple. Edible berries if you can beat wildlife to the feast. Full sun for the best amount of blooms and fruit, but will tolerate part shade. Slightly acidic soil that drains well is also important too. 25’x25′ 10 gal


menziesii– Douglas Fir. Slightly acid, moist, well-drained soils. NATIVE. 40-80×15-20. ***In deep decline due to a fungus issue. We won’t be selling them until, well, we aren’t sure if we will again anytime soon.


koidzumii x coccinea‘Mohave’- Heavy white flowers in spring followed by masses of red-orange berries. One of the top bird shrubs. I get Cedar Waxwings in the spring cleaning up the shriveled berries. Sun-part shade. Well-drained soils. 10×10’.  3 gal $27.99


Ornamental Pear. I have decided these are junk trees no matter how improved the varieties claim to be. They are split in half during heavy snow or ice storms, even high winds can twist half the tree right off. The flowers smell disgusting. If that’s not enough to wrinkle your nose, they are also cross pollinating and producing lots of fruits and seedlings are beginning to show up in our forests, as if the native trees don’t have enough to worry about! With all the trees out there that are awesome, this one no longer fits the integrity of Highland Gardens, no matter which variety. May I suggest Crataegus viridis ‘Winter King’ or a Tree Lilac? A Japanese Snowbell?