Tree & Shrub List Q

Tree & Shrub List Q


Oak- Most are NATIVE. All get big. All like acid soils. We are carrying the better species. Some, such as Pin Oak and English Oak, have quite a few issues!

~alba– White Oak- Rounded leaves on a wide-spreading rounded crown.  Red foliage in fall. 50′-80′ tall and wide.   7g $59.99

~ phellos– Willow Oak- Willow-like leaves, fast growth rate. Prefers moist soils, good for swampy areas. 40-70’x25-50′.   7g $65

~ macrocarpa– Bur Oak- Medium to large native, distinguishing feature are the mossy cups which mostly enclose the acorns.  60-80 feet high and wide. 25g $165

rubra– Red Oak- Russet red to bright red autumn color. 60-75×60-75. NATIVE. 15 gal $150, 8′ $195

~ x. ‘Heritage’- Glossy, rounded leaves with shallow lobes.  Starts quite upright, becoming rounded with age. 40-60’x35-50′. 15g $79.99

~ x. warei ‘Regal Prince’- Noted for it’s narrow, cylindrical habit with fastigiate branching, glossy dark green foliage, and excellent disease and winter resistance.  40-60’x20-25′.  15 gal $150