Tree & Shrub List S

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Tree & Shrub List S



alba ‘Tristis’- Niobe Weeping Willow- Strongly weeping, large tree especially for watersides. 60×50’. Deer resistant. 8-10′ $150

caprea ‘Pendula’- Weeping pussywillow. 8×8′. Looks cool in spring, and so-so all summer-autumn. Good winter skeleton. 7g $105

integra ‘Hakuro nishiki’- tricolored foliage green/pink/cream. Very vigorous- tags sometimes say they only get 3×3′- ha! I say! more like 8×8’+ and don’t even think you are going to keep them down. They will win. Especially happy in low wet areas.Top graft 15 gal $165

purpurea ‘Nana’- Compact and refined dwarf willow that is easily shaped by pruning.  5’x5′.  3g $24.99


niger– European Elder- ‘Black Lace’- Finely cut black-purple foliage. Pink flowers, black berries. 6×6′. Best color in full sun. Moist soil. Deer resistant.  1 gal $14.99

~’Black Tower’-Clusters of fragrant, edible, shell-pink flowers, attractive black foliage. Edible black fruits in the fall, if the birds leave you any!  8’x4′.  3 gal $34.99


hookeriana var humilis- Sweet Box- Glossy dark green, evergreen foliage. Small flowers hidden under the foliage in Mar-Apr waft a delightful perfume thru the air. Groundcover (stoloniferous) 12” x 3’. Part-full shade. Organic rich, well-drained soils, performing well in dry soils.  1 gal $17.99

~’Fragrant Valley’- more vigorous than the species. 18″x36″.   1g $15.99

Sassafrass albidum – yellow flowers in April.  Leaves mitten-shaped or 3-lobed, bright green changing to yellow, deep orange to scarlet and purple in autumn.  Dark blue fruit in Sept. quickly eaten by birds.  30-60′ x 25-40′.  NATIVE! 3-4′ $55


hydrangeoides -Japanese Hydrangea Vine- similar to Hydrangea anomala ssp petiolaris, but smaller foliage and overall character. Flower heads are 8-10″ across in July. 20-30′ tall, clinging vine.

‘Moonlight’- light silver markings on the foliage.

‘Roseum’-Rose-flushed flowers (bracts). 3 gal $34.99


verticillata– Japanese Umbrella Pine- Very unusual evergreen tree. Long, tropical looking needles. Grows only 3-6” per year. 20-30×15-20’. Organic rich, well-drained soils. Keep out of winter wind’s path.   Assorted sizes, from 2 gal $89.99

Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant Sequoia.  Native. Dense pyramidal  evergreen. Native to west coast, grows here too! Unusual! 4-5′ $150, 6-7′ $225 Full sun, moist, well-drained soil.

new ~’Barabit’s Requiem’- Weeping. 25×12′.  4′ $90

new ~’Glaucum’- Ghostly blue foliage. 50×30′.  5′ $120

~’Pendula’- Unique weeper! Tall and narrow with twisting trunk and short weeping mane-like branches. 20×8′. 1og 4-5′ $150


Sinocalycanthus 'Hartlage Wine'raulstonii– Chinese Sweetshrub- ‘Hartlage Wine’- Large maroon to wine-red flowers with subtle fragrance. Fast growing to 8×8’. Unusual. Sun. Well-drained soil. 2 gal $27.99

Skimmia japonica– a evergreen shrub for part to full shade. A “zone pusher”- listed in most books as being zone 7, we are now considered 7A. The one in my garden has made it 10 winters now, although positioned under a spruce tree. Females get bright red berry clusters, male handsome pollinator, no berries. 3×3′. Well drained, acid soil.1 gal $12.99  2g $24.99

Sophora prostrata ‘Little Baby’- Very unusual little natural bonsai-ish tree. Tiny leaves on zigzagging stems. Little yellow flowers look like parrot’s beaks. Sun-part shade. Zone 7 so plant in a bit of a protected area. 4’x3′.  2g $39.99


All like full sun. All like well-drained soil. Deer resistant.

x. bumalda‘Anthony Waterer’- Rose pink flower heads in the summer. New foliage growth often with creamy splashes. 4×4’.   3 gal $24.99

~‘Dolchia’- Mauve-pink flower heads. Deeply serrated leaves, new growth red. 2×4’. 3 gal $24.99

~‘Magic Carpet’- Red new shoots, aging to orange and yellow. Rose-red flowers. 3×3’. 3g $24.99

japonica– ‘Gold MoSpirea 'Little Princess'und’- Bright gold foliage all summer. Pink flower heads in summer. 3×3’.  3g $24.99

~‘Little Princess’- Pale pink flowers. 3×3’.  3g $24.99

~‘Neon Flash’- Improved ‘Anthony Waterer’, deeper flower color, rich red new growth. 3×3’.  3 gal $24.99

new~’Yeti’- Super dense. White flowers. 4×4′. 3g $24.99

Spirea Nipponica 'Snowmound'

nipponica ‘Snowmound’- Lovely little flowering shrub! White flowers cover the arching branches in May. Blue-green leaves. 4×4’.  3g $24.99

Spirea 'Mellow Yellow'Spirea 'Mellow Yellow'thunbergii ‘Mellow Yellow’- (aka ‘Ogon’) Fantastic! I love this one too. Pale yellow foliage on arching branches are of fine texture. White flowers cover the branches in the early spring. Autumn foliage in pumpkin-orange. 4×4’. A magnificent introduction from the magnificent Barry Yinger! 2g $19.99

vanhouttei ‘Renaissance’- Produces a fountain of white flowers in April. 8×12’. 3 gal $27.99


koreana – Korean Stewartia- White camellia-like flowers in late spring. Awesome patchy bark. Korean is reported to be more drought tolerant than Japanese. 20×15′. 1g 4′ $32.99

~’Lindstrom’s Weeping’ – Semi-horizontal semi-undulating, the branch tips are pendulous.  15×15′. 3 gal $175

pseudocamellia– Japanese Stewartia- Magnificent small flowering tree. 2-2 ½” white flowers in July. Dark green foliage turns yellow, red and dark purple in autumn. Exfoliating bark is outstanding. Slow growing to 20-30×15’. Sun-part shade. Organic rich, moist, well-drained, acid soils. 7g $89.99, 6-7′ multi-trunk $150

new ~’Silver Seedling’- Distinct silver cast to foliage when planted in shady areas. 2g 3-4′ $39.99

x henryae ~’Skyrocket’ Au upright variety with rich red-orange fall color.  Profuse flowers from Man until July.  30×10′. 1g 2-3′ $39.99


Styrax JaponicaStyrax Japonicajaponica- Japanese Snowbell – Another magnificent tree. White bells hang from under the branches in great profusion in May. Large leathery leaves may get yellow autumn color. Trunk has a subtle beauty. Sun-part shade. Organic rich, moist, well-drained soils. 20-30′ tall and wide. 7 gal $145

~‘Emerald Pagoda’-Larger white bells than typical, up to 1” in diameter! 20-30×20-30’. Also, much more of an upright, oval shaped habit, not they typical habit of a spreading species Styrax. 7-8′ $195, 3g $32.99

~’Evening Light’- Rare!  Unusual glossy dark purple foliage.  Fragrant, pure white bells in May-June.  Tight, upright habit, that grows to 6′ tall by 4′ wide.  Sun.  1g $39.99, 4-5′ $125, 6-7′ $175

~ ‘Marley’s Pink Parasol’- Dainty, small weeping tree with beautiful pink bell-shaped flowers in mid- to late spring. 8’x4′.  1″ cal 4-5′ $210

~’Martin’s Red Star’ – Similar to ‘Evening Light’, color saturation a bit milder, and grows twice as fast.  1g $39.99 3g $79.99

Styrax 'Pink Chimes'

‘Pink Chimes’- Soft pink bells bloom abundantly late May-early June. 20×20′. 1″ $200 Styrax 'Ryan's Weeper'


Lilac- Sun. Organic rich, well-drained soils. Fragrant, loved, flowers in spring. Deer resistant, except S. patula.

Syringa Meyeri 'Palibin'meyeri Dwarf Korean Lilac- ‘Palibin’- Profuse lavender flowers in June. Small leaves. 5×7’. 15 gal 5-6′ $125

patula‘Miss Kim’- Pale lilac, fragrant flowers. 6×6’. 3gal $34.99

pekinensis-Peking Lilac-~’China Snow’ fragrant white flowers mid-late June.  Cinnamon-colored, exfoliating bark.  20-25′ x 20′.   – 1″cal $75  1 1/2″ cal $120

prestoniae –Late Blooming Lilac

‘Donald Wyman’- Deep red buds open to reddish-pink, fragrant flowers. 6×6’. 3 gal $27.99

reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’ – Compact, oval shaped tree with abundant, creamy white flowers in late June. Attractive reddish bark with gray rings. Excellent street tree. 20-25′ x 15′ wide. 2-2.5″ cal $325

vulgaris– French Lilac- Most common species. Beloved.  8×8’. 3g $34.99

~’Burgundy Queen’- Extremely vigorous. Large burgundy-red flowers in huge clusters. 10×8′. 5g $39.99

~ ‘Prairie Petite’, fragrant pink flowers. 4’x 4′. 2 gal $39.99

~’Scent and Sensibility Pink’- Lilac pink. 3×3′. 3g $49.99

~’Sensation’- Purple, each floret edged white. 15’x12′.  3g $34.99

‘Bloomerang’, lavender purple, fragrant flowers in spring, then sporadically thru summer.  4-6′ x 4-6′.  3 gal $39.99

 ‘Bloomerang Dark Purple’, fragrant, deep lavender-purple flowers in spring, sporadically thru summer!  4-6’x 4-6′. 3g $45