Tree & Shrub List T

Tree & Shrub List T


new ascendens ‘Debonair’ -Pond Cypress-  I couldn’t love this more. Fantastic soft ferny foliage drapes seductively on a super sturdy tree. Grows in drought or standing in water and everything in between! 50 feet tall and only 10 feet wide. 15g $225

distichum– Bald Cypress- Large, impressive NATIVE tree with small, green, needle-like foliage which turns mellow orange-brown in autumn. Attractive red-brown foliage. Magnificent winter silhouette. Will thrive in wet soils. 50-70×20-25’

new ~’Cody’s Feathers’- Bright green feathery foliage. 4×4′ at 10yrs, 8×8′ in age. 1g $24.99

‘Geewiz’- Spotted high in a full grown Bald Cypress, growing in Hidden Lake Garden arboretum. A “witches broom”. Tight and wide spreading, perhaps 3 feet tall x 6′ wide. 1g $39.99

~ ‘Peve Minaret’- Finally we can offer the dwarf! Gorgeous. After 8 years, mine are 7′ tall from a 1 gallon size, growing in occasionally flooded soil. 15 g $140


Yew- Sun or shade. Must have well-drained soils. Deer love them.


~’Amersfoort’- slow growing to 5-8×5′ in 10 yrs. 1g $19.99

~’David’- Narrow column with spring gold variegation. 15×4′. 5g $55

~’Fastigiata’- Irish Yew- Very slow growing. Columnar to 8×3′ at 10 years, 20’tall in old age. 2g $29.99

~’Standishii’- yellow needled. 5×2′. 2g $29.99

 ~’Watnong Gold’- Broadly spreading habit with golden foliage. Grows to 3×4′ in ten years, larger with age.  Sun to part shade. 3g $34.99

cuspidata ‘Dwarf Bright Gold’- Gold new foliage. 3×3 at 10 yrs, 5×7′ in age. 2g $34.99

x. media

~’Beanpole’- Dwarf, dense, narrow column. Slowly to 8’x2′. 1g $17.99, 2g 32.99,  5g $49.99

~‘Densiformis’- Dense evergreen commonly pruned in to squares and meatballs. Quite beautiful if you don’t prune it. 3-4×4-6′.  B & B 18-24″ $39.99

~‘Hicksii’- Long, upright branches form a narrow column to 12×4’. B&B 18-24″ $39.99

new~’Maureen’-Super dark green needles. 5×1′ at 10 yrs. 2g $29.99



occidentalis– NATIVE-

~ ‘Bobozam’- Mr. Bowling Ball- Dwarf form growing 2-3′ tall and wide. 3 gal $29.99

~‘DeGroots Spire’- Narrow column with rich, feathery foliage. 30’x6′. 4-5′ $49.99

~‘Emerald Green’- Good green foliage. 15×4’.   3-4′ $39.99,  5′ $55  3/$150, 6′ $69.99

~ ‘Fairy Lights’- Compact dense form. New growth comes out golden, making the tree glow with pixie dust sparkles! 10-12’x2-3′.  2g $24.99

~‘Hetz Midget’- Soft green globe to 2×2’.  2 gal $17.99

~‘Linesville’-Compact globe. 3×3’ in 10 yrs. Apparently has been known by the name of ‘Mr. Bowling Ball’- how truly inspiring.   2 gal $14.99

~‘Rheingold’- Dwarf gold globe.  5′ high and wide.  2 gal $14.99

orientalis ~’Morgan’- New from Australia. Yellow foliage year ’round. 4×2′. 2g $24.99  5g $29.99

plicata– NATIVE cross-‘Green Giant’- Broad pyramid with bold foliage. Very nice. Good sub for Hemlocks. Reported to not be eaten by deer. Also will do shade, and a damp to occasionally wet soil. 30-40 x12’. 4-5′ $95, 6-8′ $165

~’Whipcord’- pendulous whip-cord looking foliage. Eventually a 5×5′ rounded shrub.  1 gal $29.99, 3 gal $65



dolobrata- Elkhorn Cedar- ‘Nana’- Dwarf flat globe. Cool texture. 2×4’. We also carry another named ‘Nana’, but it is much more “nana”. We affectionately call it “Nana-nana”. If anyone out there can lend some insight to this variety discrepancy, we would love to know! 1 gal $39.99, 5 gal $69.99

~ ‘Nana’- Bright green, fine textured, overlapping scale-like foliage.  Silver coloration on undersides.  Spreading, bun-shaped mound.  4’x6′.  Sun- pt. shade.  1 gal $21.99

~’Aurea’- Golden cultivar. 2’x4′.  5 gal $79.99


canadensis– Eastern Hemlock. Been taking a hit by the wooly adelgid, an insect which attacks weakened trees. Hemlocks like organic rich, moist, well-drained soils. Part shade is best. Water during dry periods. NATIVE. PA State Tree.