Tree & Shrub List V

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Tree & Shrub List V


– Blueberry, Cranberry. White bell-shaped flowers in spring followed by edible berries and scarlet autumn color. Blueberries make easy care landscape shrubs, often overlooked. Even if you don’t want the berries, it still is a multi-season landscape plant, and the birds will thank you! Sun to part shade. They do like a very organic rich soil, and it must be kept acidic for best growth. Highest berry counts when 2 varieties of the same season are planted together. NATIVE.

corymbosum ‘Berkley’- Mild berries. 5×5′. Mid. 2g $24.99

~’Blueberry Glaze’- Dwarf. Intense wild berry flavor. 3×3′. Mid. 2g $34.99

~’Bluecrop’- Mild flavor, big harvests. 6×6′. Mid. 2g $24.99

~’Chandler’- Huge berries, long ripening season. 6×6′. Late. 2g $24.99

~’Duke’- Huge berries, the size of a quarter! Self pollinating, and bigger crop with another Early. 6×6′. 2g $24.99

~’Elliot’- Very tart fruit if picked to early. 6×5′. Very late. 2g $24.99

~’Jelly Bean’- Dwarf. Super sweet berries. 2×2. Mid. 3g $34.99

~’Jersey’- Sweet berries. Very productive. 6×6′. Mid-late. 2 g $24.99

~’Patriot’- Huge, flavor full berries. Self pollinating, and bigger crop with another Early. 4×4′. 2g $24.99

~’Toro’- Heavy producer. 5×6′. Mid-late. 2g $24.99


Moist, well drained soil. Sun to part shade. Deer resistant, although they may nibble flower buds.

burkwoodii– Burkwood Viburnum- Super fragrant white flower balls in May. Some leaves hang on thru winter. 8×6′. 3 gal $34.99

carlesii– Carlesii Viburnum- Super fragrant white flower balls in May. 8×8′. 3g $34.99

dentatum Arrowwood Viburnum- NATIVE.

~’Blue Muffin’- Profuse white flowers in spring followed by blue berries in late summer (with pollinator of same species). Birds love them. Compact variety to 6×6′. 3g $39.99

~’Autumn Jazz’- as above, and 10×10′ mature size. 3 g $39.99

dilitatum– Linden Viburnum-

~’Cardinal Candy’- White flower clusters in late May. Profuse scarlet berries (with pollinator of same species). Yellow, orange, red autumn color. 6×6′. 3g $39.99

~’Erie’- as above, and 10×10′ at maturity. 3g $39.99

~Michael Dodge’- as above, yellow berries, compact habit to 6×6′. 3g $34.99

nudum Smooth Witherod Viburnum- NATIVE.

~’Winterthur’- Creamy white flowers in June (kinda stinky!) Fruits (with pollinator of same species) begin white, changing to pink, maturing to blue. Shiny foliage turns deep burgundy in autumn. 6×5′. 3g $39.99

~ ‘Brandywine’- as above. It has been reported ‘Brandywine’ will set fruit without ‘Winterthur’, although I suspect even if it does, it will be much heavier with both of them growing near each other.

opulus ‘Roseum’- European Snowball Viburnum- Flowers begin apple-green, turning to extremely showy white “snowball” blooms in May. Will do wet soils. 10×10’. 3 gal $49.99

~‘Compactum’- European Cranberrybush Viburnum- Very dense habit. White flowers followed by very persistant scarlet fruit. 6×6’. 3 gal $29.99

plicatumvar. tomentosum- Doublefile Viburnum- distinct horizontal branch habit.

~’Mariesii’- white flowers, 8×10′.  7 gal $45

~’Shasta’- white flowers, 6×10′.  10 gal $59.99

~‘Summer Snowflake’-White flowers along their lengths starting in May and continuing thru October. 8×8’.  3 gal $34.99

rhytidophylloides ‘Allegheny’- Similar to Leatherleaf with smaller but rugose foliage, white flower clusters, and red-black fruit. ‘Allegheny’ is semi-evergreen. 10×11’.  3 gal $29.99

~x. ‘Pragense’- mutli-stemmed shrub with dark green, semi/mostly-evergreen foliage. White flat blossoms in spring followed by red berries with a pollinator of same species (or in this case either rhytidophyllum or utile), berries turning black at maturity. Super hardy. 10-12′ tall and wide. Full sun to part shade. 3 g $34.99

rhytidophyllum– True Leatherleaf Viburnum-Evergreen to semi/mostly-evergreen. Large leaves. White flowers in mid May, can flower sporadically thru Oct. 10×10′.  3 gal $34.99


agnus-castus– Chaste Shrub- Aromatic tooth-cut leaves. Full sun, dry soil. Blue flower spikes in late summer. 10×10′. Deer resistant.

3 gal $24.99

~’Delta Blues’- Dark blue flowers. 10×10′. 3g $39.99

new~’Pink Pinnacle’- 6-8″ bubblegum pink spikes in summer loved by butterflies. 6×4′. 3g $29.99