Tree & Shrub List W

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Tree & Shrub List W


– Extremely adaptable old-fashioned shrub. May flower tubes are very attractive to hummingbirds. Sun. Moist, well-drained soil. Deer resistant.


~ ‘Carnaval’- White, pink and red flowers, reblooms in late summer. 5’x5′.  3 gal $24.99

‘Dark Horse’- Deep burgundy foliage all summer long. Bright pink spring flowers. 2-3×3′. 3 gal $27.99

~’Fine Wine’- Pink flowers, super dark foliage. 3×3′. 3g $39.99

’French Lace’- Bright yellow leaf margins. Dark red flowers. 5×5′. 7 gal $32.99

~‘Midnight Wine’- we are replacing this variety with ‘Dark Horse’. It doesn’t seem to get all funky in the center like this variety does…..

~‘Minuet’- Green foliage, pink flowers. 3×3’. 3 gal $24.99

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;caption[Weigela ‘Wine and Roses’]”>Weigela 'Wine and Roses'

~’My Monet’-Highly variegated foliage. Pink flowers. 2×2′.

2 gal $34.99

~’Rainbow Sensation’- variegated foliage, soft pink flowers. 4×4′. 3g $39.99

~ ‘Red Prince’- Rich red flowers against dark green foliage. 6-9′ high and wide.  3 gal $24.99

~Sonic Bloom ‘Pearl’- White blooms rebloom all summer. 5×5′. 3g $39.99

~Sonic Bloom ‘Pink’- Hot pink buds, pink flowers rebloom all summer. 5×5′. 3g $39.99

~Sonic Bloom ‘Red’- Red flowers rebloom all summer. 5×5′. 3g $39.99

~‘Variegata Nana’- Green leaves edged cream. Pink flowers. 4×4’. 3 gal $24.99

~‘Wine and Roses’- Dark maroon foliage. Rose flowers. 5-6×5-6’.  3 gal $29.99


– Aggressive vine, make sure you give it plenty of support. You can’t keep it pruned back without sacrificing the flowers, so don’t get one if you don’t have the right spot.

floribunda ‘Mon nishiki’- Japanese variety with bold splashes of gold in the green leaves. Lavender-blue flowers. 30-40′. 5g $75

frutescens‘Amethyst Falls’- NATIVE and not so aggressive. Fragrant lavender-blue flowers, dense 4 to 6” long flower clusters June-August! grows 15-25′.   3 gal $39.99 7 gal $69.99

macrostachys ‘Blue Moon’- NATIVE. Lilac-purple flowers, 8 to 12″ long, produced in flushes through out the season. Grows 15-25′. 5g $49.99