Only if…..

So I made the most delicious batch of wild violet tea a few days ago. Of course, I am allowed this luxury because I don’t put chemicals all over my meadow/lawn to kill plants. If I was using all those nasty herbicides, those sweet violets wouldn’t be there for me to joy with.

Be-ing deeper, and expanding further, I listened to the birds chirping. There a chickadee, and then two male cardinals singing back and forth in competition. A red bellied woodpecker added voice to the chorus as I continued to pluck, and say thank you, to each little blossom.

A lovely little breeze was swirling around me. The sunset was reaching beautiful colors into the near twilight sky.

I passed by a dandelion blossom that was being worked over by a fat bee. I will make coconut oil hand cream with those gorgeous yellow flowers in a few weeks, another luxury given by my meadow/lawn. Right now, I am adding tender dandelion greens to my salads. They are fabulous detox for our winter sluggish systems.

With a few cupfuls in my little strainer, I headed back in. I cooed to my lemon verbena plant, (over wintered in the house for five years now, spending the summers outside), as I pinched a few tips to add to my harvest.

I made enough for 3 cups of tea, as I was expecting company. Four tablespoons of fresh blossoms, a few sprigs of lemon verbena (you could use lemon balm leaves). Pour four cups of near boiling water over the herbs and let steep for about five minutes. Strain, and serve hot with a bit of local honey. Such a pretty color too!

Wow. This wasn’t just any cup of tea! This was an experience. 🙂

Get wild.



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