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Yesterday I helped a bumblebee. Poor thing had got caught out in the rain, was soaked and clinging to a Joe-Pye weed bloosom.

I stopped and slowly breathed on her, warming her and drying her off. She started twitching a bit and then finally flew off, to my great delight. I wonder what kind of dance she did when she got back to her hive to explain that!

Today I was lightly weeding, and stopped to rest. I watched as a big fat bumblebee tried to squeeze her ample size into a Hosta bloom. A honey bee came along and began to quickly maneuver in and out, tasting each blossom fully.

I went to go get my camera and spotted a blue bee on the just opening garlic chives. It was dipping its head up and down into each shallow cup of flower. I went to the front garden where the garlic chives have seeded with wild abandon. I spotted four other kinds of bees there. The Bluemist Shrub (Caryopteris) was next in the succession line. Blue buds waited in anticipation of opening, and of bee-ing visited.

Did you know bees do a dance when they get back to the others? Successful foragers land in the hive and do complex figure 8 dances to tell the other foragers where the flower are to be had. They even get excited and dance faster, or compete with each other to tempt the other foragers to follow them! The dances tell the others how far to the sweet nectar, and in which direction to fly. It even has a name: The Waggle dance.

I got the biggest grin wondering what the waggle dance to my garden looks like. A goofy, I-gotta-lotta-flowers-and-a-chemical-free-garden sorta grin. :}

How do they dance when they return from your garden?

Excellent book I just read: The Bees I loved it. <3

Bzzzzzzz! 88888888 Bzzzzzz!


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