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Quite some time ago, I blogged about sending a package to one of my dear friends. She has a bit of a challenge trudging through the winter season. A box of cheer for the price of a Priority Mail box…$5.20. Worth every cent and more! Read that blog here:

This morning I was once again gathering greens for pot stuffing. I love to see these winter foliaged beauties on my deck. Snipping and basking in the cool early morning sunshine, I beamed. MMmm! I had on my husband’s flannel coat. Gathering a good sized bundle, I leaned over and thirty cents fell out of his upper pocket and onto the ground. A quarter and a nickle. I put the bundle down, picked up the change and put it back in the pocket. I leaned over to pick the bundle up again. The change fell out again.


I looked and saw there was no button to close the pocket. I should really sew another one on for him.

I picked up the bundle, holding my arm up over the pocket. Ha! The change didn’t fall out. I moved on to the next shrub and put the growing bundle on the ground.

The change fell out. And a single ear plug.


I picked the change back up and put it back in the pocket. Hmpf.

I carried the bundle to the front garden, considering this whole issue. I could just leave the change on the ground and go back for it later. I could walk the change into the house. I could change into my own coat. I was quite distracted by this whole change thing…

Hmmm. The cost of frustration is thirty cents? Is that price right??

Ahh but the cost of Change! Priceless!

Putting the bundle down, you know what happened. But ahhh, Change! As I reached to pick the change up….yet again…., I saw the glass I put out yesterday sitting near my sidewalk. Yes, an odd thing to have outside, but as this is a story, here is the story of the glass in the garden. Every full moon a group of my friends and I put a glass of water out to “charge” in the full moon energy. I was late to work yesterday morning, so I emptied the glass into my water bottle as I was heading to the car. I could drink it on my way in then. I had sat the glass back down there and headed to work.

Yay! Yesterday’s rain had left about one and a half inches of water in the glass, and it was out all night for another moon charge. I stopped and began to sip this perfectly chilly glass of goodness. Delicious!

The frustration was now laying there on the ground next to the change….

Ahhh. The taste of Change. Priceless.



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  1. Louie Bufalo March 8, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Erica. I think the 30 cents was telling you to put it in the garden. Pond…or water fountain

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