Snuggled into my quilts this morning, I realized it had really been a long time since I blogged. I am dormant.

I closed my eyes and imagined what it was like to be a seed right now. Somewhere, nestled in the winter-cold Earth. Autumn’s abundance of fallen leaves my blanket. A layer of snow my roof. Blissfully still and silent.

I am with the Earth cycle. Winter is much more challenging a season for most of us. We feel stuck in. We are breathing trapped air. Our hands don’t have dirt on them. The term “Cabin Fever” is very real, and the depth of the symptoms of some are nearly unbearable (SAD). For me, I am liberated from my “day job”.

As we go into year 2015, I have been at HG for 25 years. When you work at a garden center for just a few years, you become deeply aware of the nature cycles. The first day we go 50 or so degrees, our phones go crazy with calls. I really should pay attention to what the actual “optimal gardener germination temperature” is. I guarantee you there is one inside of us. Right now we are maybe a little antsy- those seed catalogs and garden magazines turn us on a bit, but our internal clocks keep us subdued. But that first nice day in spring sends everyone running to breathe in the garden. From that point the manure hits the fan…..we run like crazy to keep up with the surge…

After 25 years, it is no longer “deeply aware”, it is “fully entrenched”. I don’t just move with my own primal responses, I also move with an entire group of HG gardeners. Ummm, yes. Can be verrrry intense.

So in my so-called “dormant” state, I am liberated. I have 2 months where there are very few calls- the occasional “repot my orchid”, or a desperate gardener trying to get a shred of info about a new petunia variety that provided a temporary surge-fix. Sure, we do stuff. Orders, research new plants for worthiness, hand writing the description cards. But it is so very quiet. I joyfully surrender in….

I make quilts, crafts and read. I am taking an online college class- EcoArt Therapy. I am also sooo enjoying a 40 day “meditation with a rock” online group. I am taking long walks in the woods. (no bugs/mosquitos!!) I am even crafting my first batch of Mead (honey wine)! I am eating tomato soup I made in summer, and still tossing dried herbs I saved into the fireplace….. read about that goodness here:

Happily Fully InJoying Be-ing In WINter.